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Because you deserve that – The best beauty salons in Budapest

by Lóránt Dénes
Because you deserve that – The best beauty salons in Budapest

Recommended beauty salons on Budapest. Services: skin care, anti-aging, ultramodern rejuvenation treatments, face massage. Prices and opening hours.

Is a holiday really authentic if its marks can be seen on you? At the end of the day, you must be at least stinky, shaggy, dirty, otherwise people may say that you didn’t even get out of your hotel room.

Social pressure is not a joke, you must take it seriously! However, what about those provocators who, not caring about this, upload posts on Instagram with glittering face and peachy skin as if they had climbed out of a smoothing pouch?

They have already realized that in a metropolis, besides the endless amazing attractions at least a similar number of beauty salons can also be found. Why wouldn’t they take the opportunity then?

Budapest is not different from this aspect either compared to other, crowded traveling destinations of the world.

Besides lots of wonderful sights, the representatives of the beauty industry are also present in a great number.

The scale ranges from small salons through spas to the elegant sanctuaries of the hotels with highly developed infrastructure.

Here all ancient and modern treatments, masks, face massage and other procedures can be found that nearly approach the boundaries of black magic.

Among these such ultramodern, noninvasive face rejuvenation procedures are outstanding that renew the face without surgery:

  • HIFU Treatment (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

During this treatment, the skin of the face is tightened with the focused ultrasound of high intensity, affecting both the skin surface and deeper layers of the skin.

It is one of the most efficient facial skin tightening procedures without surgical intervention.

  • Easy TCA chemical peeling

The substances used during the treatment eliminate the outermost layer of the skin and smoothen the uneven surface. In the place of the eliminated layer, fresh, natural skin layer grows.

The result of the peeling remains spectacular and visible even for 6-18 months.

  • Fractionated micro-needle RF treatment

It is the most modern, clinically proved procedure today that produces a dramatic result with the combination of radiofrequency and micro-needle treatments. Please do not think of dramatic like a train accident.

As a result of the treatment done in the surface and deeper layers of the skin it is rejuvenated, becomes flexible and tonic, the pores contract and the wrinkles smooth out.

This is pretty, isn’t it? Certainly, those who have reservations about the scientific inventions do not have to give up on renewing either.

A heap of traditional treatments also welcomes the people who rather trust in traditions. The Chinese anti-wrinkle face massage, sea face treatments, herb masks are all parts of the repertoire of Budapest.

So, just put familiarity aside and be amazing even during your holiday! You will get all the help you need for this in the beauty salons in Budapest.

The best beauty salons in Budapest:

Szépség-Kozmetika Budapest


1075 Budapest, Dózsa György út 66

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 8AM-8PM

Appointments: (+36 30) 322 3469


Body treatments, Anti-aging treatments, Lifting treatments, Eyelash extensions, Waxing

Prices in 2020

Alexandra Elit Beauty Salon – Budapest


1074 Budapest, Vörösmarty utca 10/b. 1 door bell

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 9AM-6PM

Appointments: (+36 70) 266 2685


Anti-aging, Cosmetic tattoo, Eyelash extensions, Facial treatments

Prices in 2020

New Beauty Salon


1137 Budapest, Radnóti Miklós utca 9, (Doorbell 14)

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 8AM-8PM

Appointments: (+36 30) 447 7826


HIFU Treatment, Wrinkle filling, Botox Therapy, Body treatments, Dermatology, Cosmetic and more…

Prices in 2020

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