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Let’s free WiFi!

by Lóránt Dénes

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations lists the basic human rights of all people regardless of their origin, gender, religious or political views.

These are the right to live, freedom, safety or freely voicing our opinions. But all these shrink in importance compared to our newest basic right, which is none other than the right to use the internet.

Just imagine, what would we do if we couldn’t be “netizens” (use the internet too much) long enough. Unfortunately, the UN has not yet been able to provide a free connection to everybody, regardless of the location and the available providers.

However, until this time comes, we don’t have to walk this world with no internet, as more and more places in many large cities, similar to Budapest, make free WiFi connections available.

Not only can we connect to the web at fast-food restaurants or cafes, but – thanks to the city administration – at squares, trains, libraries, shopping centers and pubs as well.

It is naive to think that all airports have free WiFi of course, but luckily Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport provides it.

Where can you find free WiFi in Budapest?

If these numerous options are still not enough, here you can find a list of password-free and protected networks.

Their validity can’t be guaranteed of course, and don’t forget that these public networks are far from safe.

In any case, a good WiFi spotting is a great tour to check out the city! 🙂

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