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Take it and eat

by Lóránt Dénes

There is a saying that states, a hungry person finds it hard to wait. Especially, if he is waiting for food.

There is a spot to take in nutrients at a cozy, elegant restaurant, where the ceremony, the garnish itself are as important as the dish that’s being served.

But after a long night of fun, the next day you MUST speed through the attractions that were planned for the day, seen as you’re on a holiday, right, and then the white tablecloth doesn’t seem too rational.

People may think that fast-food restaurants are the results of life’s quickening pace, however, the first stands selling dishes were in ancient Rome and they provided an immediate remedy to growling stomachs.

The Chinese buffets have sold their spicy Sichuan since the 2nd-century Han-dynasty.

However, in 1948, the McDonald brothers opened their very first fast-food restaurant named after themselves, so they could take over the world in Genghis Khan style.

40 years later they reached the Hungarian capital as well, opening doors to other franchises, like Burger King, KFC, or Subway.

There is something rebellious, anti-system charm in traveling thousands of kilometers for a nice McDonald’s cheeseburger, or a KFC bucket, but if you don’t like the menu that represents typical Hungarian tastes offered in these fast-food restaurants, luckily there is plenty other things to choose from. And let’s not even mention the UN compatible free WiFi.

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Bon appétit 🙂

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