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Heavy questions – The best gyms in Budapest

by Lóránt Dénes

I will list, based on personal experiences, where you can find the best gyms in Budapest. Fitness, Bodybuilding, Power lifting, Boxing, MMA, Jiu-Jitsu. Prices and opening hours.

The best fitness and bodybulding gyms in Budapest

Recommended gym for powerlifters

Recommended gym for martial arts

Different people holiday differently. There are those who limit their daily walk to the distance between the tanning bed and the sea in the name of recharging. There are those who are active every day, and they don’t want to change that during a holiday either.

Almost every hotel has a gym, but most of these are only suitable for emergency exercises at best. Fortunately, the world’s fitness craze didn’t miss Hungary either, and as a result the number of gyms rapidly grew.

It would take a while to find a form of exercise that you couldn’t do in one of the capital’s gyms. From different fighting sports through group aerobic classes to the new muscle stimulating exercises, everything can be found in Budapest.

Those, who just want to lift weights can also pick from thousands of gym, from the most modern machine equipped clubs to the hardcore powerlifting gyms that provide a haven for its members. We can sign up for private personal training, or nutrition guidance.

Many gym expanded to a wellness-oasis, where we can spoil ourselves with different massages, saunas and pools to regenerate after a workout. Some places, along with the usual buffet, also offer a restaurant that provides the fitting healthy dishes.

Most shopping centers also have gyms, so we can work out the stress caused by shopping with a bit of exercise. With opportunities like this, we don’t have to think long about an excuse, which would break us free from being lazy at least in our head.

There are plenty of gyms in Budapest, a complete list of what’s offered would be never-ending. Instead of this, I will list you all the best, most exclusive gyms – although the list will be shorter, you definitely won’t be disappointed in these.

I list these based on personal experiences, as I had the opportunity to try many of these.

Flex Gym

I can safely say, that Flex Gym in Budapest is one of the best gyms in Hungary. What else proves it better, than the number of celebrities who trained here. Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson and even Arnold Schwarzenegger have been here a few times. If you’re lucky you get to take a selfie with one of the visiting celebrities.

If you are famous, this is your spot, they provide a VIP changing room as well. 🙂

The gym offers many services, such as bodybuilding, functional workout, power lifting, cross-fit, boxing, MMA, massage, solarium, sauna, cryosauna. You can also fill your tired body with healthy meals at the Flex’N’Fresh restaurant.

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 6AM – 11PM
 Saturday: 8AM – 10PM
 Sunday: 8AM – 8PM

Prices in 2022:

Daily ticket: 2900HUF
2-day pass: 5500HUF
10-day pass: 20500HUF
Unlimited monthly : 2200HUF


Budapest 1012, Márvány utca 17. (Intransmas business tower) 

Scitec Gold

This gym located on the ground floor of the Lurdy-ház is well equipped, but at peak time between 17 and 20 o’clock it, can get a bit busy. It’s open 24 hours a day. It is also a very good gym.

Opening hours:

24 hours a day

Prices in 2022:

Daily ticket : 2500HUF
10-day pass: 17500HUF
Unlimited monthly: 18500HUF


Budapest 1097, Könyves Kálmán krt. 12-14

Life1 Nyugati

The almost 2000 m2, air-conditioned club, in a unique environment provides some of the most modern and safest weightlifting and cardio machines for those who wish to work out.

The fitness gym is located at one of Budapest’s most frequently visited spots, at the Nyugati tér, in the Skála Metró building. ENTRANCE AT THE CLOCK!

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 6AM-11PM
Saturday-Sunday: 8AM-8PM

Prices in 2022:

Daily ticket: 3500HUF
10-day pass: 20000HUF
Unlimited monthly: 23000HUF


Budapest 1066, Nyugati tér 1-2. (second and third floor) 

Oxygen Wellness Naphegy

The most exclusive, almost (sorry!) snob-like gym at Budapest. It can be found at Buda on Naphegy. It’s hard to reach through public transport, it’s best to visit by car.

There is a place to park in the underground car park of the gym. (4 hours of parking are free.) The prices aren’t the cheapest, but in exchange, everything can be found here, from swimming pools to hairdressers.

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 6AM-10:30PM
Saturday-Sunday: 8AM-8PM

Prices in 2022:

Daily ticket : 13500HUF
10-day pass: 85000HUF
Yearly membership: 575000HUF


Budapest 1016, Naphegy utca 67.

Peak Gym Aréna

A bit of exercise before or after a movie? The Peak Gym which opened at the Aréna Mall is the gym for the most dedicated ones, it’s open 24 hours a day and you can pick from many group classes.

Opening hours:

24 hours a day

Prices in 2022:

Daily ticket : 1990HUF
10-day pass: 16100HUF
Unlimited monthly : 18800HUF


Budapest 1087, Kerepesi út 9.

Life1 Allee

Life1 Allee opened in Buda in one of the most popular shopping centers, at the Allee.

The over 1500 m2, air-conditioned club, in a unique environment provides some of the most modern and safest weightlifting and cardio machines await you.

Opening hours:

24 hours a day

Prices in 2022:

Daily ticket : 3500HUF
10-day pass: 20000HUF
Unlimited monthly: 23000HUF


Allee, Budapest 1117, Október Huszonharmadika u. 8-10. 

Kiss Life Fitness

The hall marked by Jenő Kiss, a world-renowned champion, guarantees that you only exercise on high-end machines at the 1300m2 area.

Kiss Life Fitness offers many services, such as boxing, functional workout, thai boxing, TRX.

This hall can be found in Buda, 3 minutes from the Bikás park metro station, on the first floor above the market.

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 6AM-11PM
Saturday-Sunday: 8AM-8PM

Prices in 2022:

Daily ticket : 1890HUF
4-day pass: 6490HUF
8-day pass: 11990HUF
Unlimited monthly: 15900HUF


Budapest 1119, Tétényi út 63. (first floor)

Bank Center Fitness

One of the biggest advantages of the Bank Center Fitness is its downtown location and its elegant environment. The gym isn’t too large, it’s 600m2.

In exchange, the shower and changing rooms are first class. It’s a good choice for those who are staying downtown and don’t want to struggle with traveling.

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 6AM-10PM
Saturday: 10AM-6PM

Prices in 2022:

Daily ticket : 2080HUF
4-day pass: 7480HUF
10-day pass: 17270HUF
Unlimited monthly: 26400HUF


Budapest 1054, Szabadság tér 7. (Bank Center)

Bench press, squat, deadlift. These three exercises are powerlifting. Of course, the exercises should be done with the greatest possible weight.

A two-handed bar, plenty of weight discs, a bench, and a tripod are what you really need for powerlifting training. This can be found in every bodybuilder and fitness room.  

Yes, but these “average” gyms aren’t ready for people to squat at 260-300kg or bench press over 200kg. On the one hand, because many times there is not enough weight to put on the pole. And on the other hand, the bar is not a professional bar and it bends at a certain weight.

It is therefore important that we have the right tools to torture our bodies.

Fitness 2000

Fitness 2000, recommended gym for powerlifters

Fitness 2000’s gym is a bit out of downtown. It is located in the southern part of Pest in the 20th district.

Its advantage is that there is no shortage of parking space and you don’t have to pay for parking. The gym complex offers different services at different levels. Everybody here will find what’s right for them: from bodybuilding to TRX  and functional training.

And the gym is especially cool for powerlifters, I think there are over 900 weight discs. Many of them are 50kg so you won’t have to worry about not having enough weight. Of course, the rods will also be of sufficient quality to withstand the load.

Many excellent Hungarian powerlifters train in Fitness 2000. Among them is the 6 times Europe and 2 times world champion powerlifter: Zoltán Csepregi. He has a record in bench pressing of 365kg.

Fitness 2000 opening hours

Monday-Friday: 6AM-10PM
Saturday: 8AM-8PM
Sunday: 10AM-8PM

Prices for Fitness 2000 in 2022

Daily ticket: 1300HUF
10-day pass: 10990HUF
Unlimited monthly: 12900HUF


Budapest 1203, Serény utca 2. 

Recommended gym for martial arts enthusiasts

Anyone who can’t calm down during the holidays and needs to relieve their daily stress, they can do so in Budapest.

If you like, you can give and receive slaps in regular frames. Of course, judo, jiu-jitsu, or wrestling enthusiasts can find the right gym also.

The Playground

When it comes to fighting sports, I don’t know a better gym in Budapest than The Playground. My brother and I also practice here, and I can honestly say that the gym, which is on the south side of Buda meets all our needs. Here, you will find the challenge you were looking for.

You can participate in group training such as wrestling, MMA, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Thai Boxing, or Savate.

For training schedule please check this link: https://www.facebook.com/kuzdosportterem/?ref=page_internal

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 6:30AM-9:30PM
Saturday: 8:30AM-1PM
Sunday: 9AM-1PM

Prices in 2022

Daily ticket: 2400HUF (Child: 1200HUF)
Monthly pass (every day usage): 21000HUF
Monthly pass (3x per week): 17200HUF
Monthly pass (2x per week): 13700HUF


Budapest 1117, Hengermalom út 19-21.

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